Storage Resource Optimization

Companies’ IT storage expenditure often balloons as their IT storage environment increases in size and complexity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Capgemini’s Storage Resource Optimization offer allows to streamline storage systems & cut costs.

Spiraling Costs and Heightened Uncertainty

Enterprises today spend a considerable amount of time and money controlling and administering storage growth – challenges that are only multiplying. The amount of data to store, administer and protect continues to grow and the danger is that the associated costs spiral out of control along with it.

Despite this, many companies continue to use inefficient storage practices, noncompliant systems and wasteful provisioning. On top of that, they remain uncertain and frustrated over how just to move forward.

Visibility and Control

Capgemini’s Storage Resource Optimization (SRO) helps companies overcome major storage issues by implementing IT storage best practices, improving procurement efficiency, enforcing compliance and optimizing provisioning . Using a standard platform to visualize, analyze and optimize storage infrastructure fosters greater understanding of storage capacity while also providing greater administrator visibility and control.

As an out-of-the-box, pay-as-you-go service for heterogeneous storage environments, Capgemini’s SRO offer allows you to capture end-to-end capacity, performance, configuration and compliance data from multi-vendor storage components.

An Offering Unlike Any Other

Capgemini leverages proven tools, systems and processes, together with highly skilled consultants, to deliver SRO that enable significant costs savings for your company. The tools utilized include EMC’s ViPR storage resource manager, which enables IT to visualize storage relationships, analyze configurations and capacity growth and optimize resources to improve return on investment in traditional and software-defined storage environments.

In just 12 months, we have deployed SRO solutions for more than 60 customers supported by 20 data centers in six countries, covering 25 petabytes of storage. These deployments allow savings of $25M over four years.


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