HANA for non-SAP applications – by Capgemini

We take your custom applications to the next level of performance while leaving your code untouched. With our expertise and proven technology, we drive down the cost of operations and accelerate your journey into the digital era. With our unique services, real-time computing power is just one step away

Digital meets custom applications

Most custom applications today are not at all prepared for the digital age, which brings exploding data volumes and changing user expectations. Common challenges include:

  • Poor performance
  • Low data quality
  • Inability to cope with data growth
  • Inability to implement new features
  • High cost of operations
  • Long time to market

Traditional counteractions—hardware addition, constant performance optimization, and data splitting—might ease a few of the symptoms above, but at the expense of increasing complexity and driving up the cost of operation. They definitely do not solve the problem in a sustainable way.

The future of Custom Applications: Your benefits

We use market-leading, enterprise-ready, in-memory SAP technologies to solve all of the above problems at once without touching the code of your application.

You will reap immediate and previously unimaginable benefits including:

  • Improved usability and higher end-user satisfaction
  • Better data quality
  • Real-time computing capabilities that are big data-ready
  • Lower TCO for custom applications
  • Accelerated completion of the digital transformation journey
  • Future-proof for many years to come

Results from a productive, complex Java™ enterprise application:

  • Performance increase out-of-the box (up to 500x)
  • Significant shrinkage of database size (by 70%)
  • 0 € spend on performance optimizations
  • No code modifications or expensive hardware required
  • Unique offering in the market
  • End-to-end delivery from vision to operation in incremental steps
  • Strategic partnerships with SAP
  • Well-versed in the technology involved in HANA reference projects in the SAP world
  • High expertise in the non-SAP world


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