Enterprise Quality Intelligence for Laboratory Informatics/ERP Integration

Capgemini’s Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)/ERP as-a-service solution provides chemicals, energy, manufacturing and life sciences companies with real-time decision-making capabilities to streamline data intelligence, mitigate risk, increase productivity and improve profitability across their supply chains

Innovation to manage laboratory systems

Manufacturers across many industry verticals are facing increasing pressure to increase efficiency, lower cost, control waste, reduce inventory and maintain regulatory compliance. Companies need to be nimble and innovative in their approach to manage all processing aspects in a dynamic and fluid economic environment.

Real-time decision-making capabilities

With greater demands for big data, cloud and mobility capabilities than ever before, the LIMS/ERP solution aims to improve responsiveness and leverage the solution to address today’s market demands. Capgemini, as a leading system integrator with deep experience in ERP and Thermo Fisher Scientific, with proven SampleManagerTM LIMS, can jointly provide an industry-leading experience that drives efficiency while reducing capital expenditure.Our LIMS/ERP as-a-service solution enables visibility into the entire manufacturing process which allows businesses to react in real time through Capgemini’s internationally recognized application management solutions built into our enterprise approach.

Potential Business Benefits:

  • Standardization
  • Industrialization
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Certified LIMS / ERP integration
  • Predictive Intelligence Dashboards

Leverage big data and cloud for agility

Capgemini integrates current ERP solutions with manufacturing devices, leverages big data and cloud technologies for agility. This mobile enabled solution can provide clients with the ability to mitigate manufacturing risk, enhance quality, and can be supported with production Service Level Agreements in business critical environments. Capgemini’s enterprise solutions help lower margins by improving throughput, incresing yield and resolving quality problems faster efficiently and effectively.

For more information on how to streamline, stabilize and provide predictable processing for your organization please contact James Cooper.


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