Cognitive IoT

IoT will soon be the single largest source of data on the planet with IoT sensors and devices are expected to exceed mobile phones as the largest category of connected devices.

We work with IBM because our long-standing partner´s cognitive technologies are a clear differentiator.

Digital Manufacturing

  • Predictive Maintenance & Quality
    Capgemini’s Predictive Maintenance and Quality predicts potential breakdowns of industrial equipment or a machine through data analysis (self learning). Along with monitoring and controlling production process based on all collected data, it also provides real-time, fact-based understanding of asset performance and usage.
  • Cognitive Robotics
    Sogeti has developed a cockpit for Big Systems and Big IoT Systems leveraging IBM software and IBM Cloud solutions .  We also presented one of our first implementations of Cockpit for Big Systems (CBS) and Cockpit for Big IoT Systems (CBIoTS) for precision farming with Drotek—a new solution for better analysis and control of crop production with improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

  • Cognitive Plant – Smart Plant Supervision
    Our experts have joined efforts to create an end-to-end solution to take the maintenance of production equipment to the next level, including:

    • Connectivity and 360° view of your equipment
    • Advanced analytics and predictive maintenance
    • Shop floor security

Take a tour of the opportunities for your production facility:

Also check out how you can leverage best-in-class IBM technologies, Capgemini’s Smart Plant Supervision solution in the field of:

Connected Products

  • Connected vehicle
    Connected Vehicle is a set of technical blocs for automotive OEMs and vehicle service providers to support their IoT business initiatives development. Use cases include:

    • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
    • Location-Based Services with Analytics
    • Fleet Management
    • Real Time Service Maintenance
  • Logistics – Smart Container Solution
    Smart Container and Logistics solution enables container location tracking and monitoring key parameters (For example Temperature, Humidity, etc.). It also provides ability to analyze and predict exceptions.

Asset Management

  • Maximo + IoT
    Capgemini’s enterprise asset management plus IOT combine asset information with real-time data from asset and 3rd parties (e.g. weather) to dynamically adjust maintenance schedule.
  • Maximo + New add-ons
    maximo along with new add-ons focuses on making the most of Maximo’s analytical add-ons. It also gives us an insight into Worker Health and Safety along with Asset Health Insights.
  • Smart Building
    Capgemini has developed a platform and a methodology to help companies innovate in this new space, and to do it quickly and efficiently, focused on the following areas:

    • Conference room utilization
    • Climate monitoring
    • Predictive maintenance of building equipments
    • Workspace utilization
    • Recycle bin monitoring for work force planning
    • Bathroom utilization and cleaning

Collaboration with IBM set to make Cognitive IoT come alive

Capgemini Group becomes one of IBM’s premier partners, collaborating on the development of cognitive IoT technologies. This is an opportunity to drive significant business together, providing clear differentiators to marketing and sales in maintaining our position as a leader in digital transformation.


IBM had announced a major Internet of Things (IoT) “ecosystem drive” with new clients and partners co-locating at its global Watson IoT headquarters and expects to drive hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue from IoT. Capgemini is joining IBM as one of its first partners on the journey to cognitive IoT, with an initial team of six technical and business development experts co-located in IBM’s new flagship customer experience center in Munich.

Together we will help customers maximize the potential of Industry 4.0 and develop and take to market sector-specific cognitive IoT solutions.

Capgemini plans a close link between its Munich Applied Innovation Exchange and IBM’s new Customer Experience zones to collaborate with clients in an interactive environment.

“We decided to collocate Capgemini’s technical and business development experts alongside IBM’s in order to forge an even deeper relationship between two companies that will accelerate the digital transformation of our clients. Our people and clients will have full access to IBM’s technologies, experts and resources, thereby significantly shortening the time to market”, said Fernando Alvarez, Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships.

Link to the Press release | Video: IBM launches new Global HQ for Watson IoT in Munich