Cards are driving payments growth in a globalized economy and account for 54% of non-cash payments worldwide reveals World Payments Report 2008 from Capgemini, RBS and Efma.

The fourth annual World Payments Report 2008 explores the global payments market. Spanning Europe, North America and Asia, this expanded report highlights regional initiatives and potential payments growth areas.

Once again this year, the report has a particular focus on Europe and the Single Euro Payments Areas (SEPA). It provides a progress report on the status of SEPA and the Payment Services Directive (PSD), regulatory updates and current market achievements. Readers will gain insights into how corporates can benefit from SEPA adoption and ways they can differentiate their product portfolios.

The World Payments Report 2008 offers new insights into strategies for the cards payment market, taking a view into varying country approaches and different business models to achieve profitable growth in the cards market. The report also addresses trade finance and workers’ remittances.