How the people-centric model is driving change in IT

Traditional IT applications are based around a premise that a person will interact with a system and that any interaction with third parties will be mediated and managed by the computers being used.

The model is derived from previous paper-based approaches, which have simply been replicated by computers, and so in reality represents a model that could be said to be over 1,000 years old. The next generation of IT has moved away from this model towards �€œpeople-centric�€ environments, which are based around the simple idea that IT systems should enable collaboration between people.

The goal of this next generation of IT is to be invisible and to be provisioned, managed and used in line with how people interact with each other and with information. Computing is seen as the mechanism and not the goal. This paper describes the changes that the people-centric model will drive in IT and in particular how Capgemini and Google are at the forefront of driving that change.