Energy Savings with Instinct 2.0

Capgemini is providing a unique green solution to help companies reduce costs and improve corporate social responsibility. This solution is being delivered through the hardware-based capabilities of Intel® Centrino® Pro and Intel® vPro processor technology. Capgemini can now help customers:

  • Reduce power costs for PCs
  • Improve energy conservation in a way that makes financial sense
  • Realize cost savings without compromising service, performance or productivity

Working closely with Intel and Microsoft, Capgemini has developed an integrated desktop system management solution that reduces power usage and enables remote management of notebooks with Intel Centrino Pro processor technology and desktop PCs with Intel vPro processor technology. The hardware-based capabilities enable Capgemini to perform updates, troubleshoot PCs, isolate systems, and remediate problems without leaving the service center. These capabilities are available anytime, even when PC power is off, an operating system (OS) is unresponsive, management agents are missing, or hardware (such as a hard drive) has failed.

Intel’s latest processors can offer a power reduction of up to 40% compared to previous generations of processors. The Capgemini solution is a prebuilt integration of Intel Centrino Pro and Intel vPro processor technology and the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System. The result is an advanced system management capability that further optimizes power savings without additional cost.

This integrated solution helps reduce costly site visits and increases security for PCs. With access to Capgemini’s scale and tens of thousands of people and servers located worldwide, customers get a reduced total cost of ownership with increased performance and availability.

PC power costs can be reduced by an average of 50% and by up to 70% compared to Intel® Pentium® 4 machines running the Windows XP operating system. Power savings of up to 70% are possible as compared to a situation when the enterprise must have all PCs powered on overnight for patch management and security updates.6 As stated, the 50% average savings assumes companies have no policy and an average number of PCs are always on.