Enabling effective multi-supplier collaboration and business-outcome-based services

As the Outsourcing environment has evolved, service management has matured by evolving from a centrally located function to a distributed function comprised of virtual teams managing mature processes in a global, multi-vendor environment but, even with global standards such as ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000 acting as templates for how to implement best practices, many businesses are still struggling to make their IT strategy align with their wider business objectives. This can result in poorly managed costs and a lack of transparency on processes. To enable an effective multi-supplier collaboration with a business-centric perspective, Capgemini has launched its Service Management Healthcheck solution to help companies identify and implement initiatives that truly drive business value opening up the door for innovation. The assessments will follow a three-step framework that provides an assessment of the existing IT Governance model and Service Management processes and results in a set of prioritized initiatives and proposed actions designed to help meet service performance goals.