Turn short-term challenges into competitive advantage by engineering processes and technology to support ongoing dynamic changes

U.S. and European financial regulations are driving radical changes in the way that OTC derivatives will be traded, cleared, and reported. While these changes seek to address systemic financial risk in the OTC derivatives market, a number of issues remain. In the U.S., near-term deadlines for compliance have placed intense demands on market participants to make far-reaching changes. Although much of the European legislation has yet to be finalized, market participants expect that it will closely follow U.S. rulings in key areas, with a similar impact to trading, clearing, and reporting.

Capgemini understands the operational, risk, and technology issues involved in central counterparty (CCP) clearing of swaps. We have the proven expertise, real-world domain experience, and technical specialists to untangle this multidimensional problem to implement process and technology changes to trade flow—including reconciliation, collateral management, corporate actions, and risk management—as well as meet increasingly stringent reporting requirements.