Getting your priorities right

In just a few months, the rules of engagement for the oil industry have changed beyond recognition. Between June 2007 and July 2008 crude oil prices soared from about $55 a barrel to a record $145, before collapsing to less than $40 by the end of 2008 and then creeping back up a few dollars. Oil companies continue to face a level of volatility that few could have anticipated a couple of years ago. It is extremely difficult to formulate strategy under such uncertainty, yet companies must do so and do it well. In order to help companies out of this quandary, Capgemini has undertaken comprehensive analysis of the market and its prospects based on published reports and its own research. Based on this analysis, Capgemini has formulated a method for rapidly diagnosing a company’s competitive health with respect to both its immediate short term liquidity and its longer term operational profitability. Read more about this framework in this Point of View.