Physical and digital worlds converge for easier DIY interior design and retail store and floor planning layout. Configuring interior spaces truly becomes child’s play.

Solution overview:

Creating rich 3D models of kitchens and store layouts is now easy and less time-consuming, even for retail associates who are not software savvy. Capgemini has introduced new technology that instantly translates objects in the physical world to the digital world. The Interactive 3D Modeler uses an Intel RealSense camera to detect physical building blocks, which Capgemini software translates into a 3D digital environment. In seconds, a digital representation of a client’s dream kitchen can be built and shared by a DIY or home improvement retailer. The same technology can be used by retailers themselves to model new store concepts, for store planning and seasonal floor-set design – in less time and at lower costs. Once digitized, this virtual world can be further customized with different styles, colors, surroundings, and by the size of the room or store. Plus, the digitized 3D model can also be used as part of a virtual reality setting using a virtual reality headset, such as Oculus Rift to create an even more realistic experience of the “new kitchen” or new store layout.


  • Removes complexity in engaging customers and retail store designers in the design process
  • Saves time and effort for store associates and retailers
  • Increases dwell time and sales success rates
  • Works much faster than traditional 3D modeling methods
  • Supports experimentation with multiple store concepts and space layouts, without expensive physical builds Watch the video now for more information.