How energy and utilities companies can manage their operations with greater efficiency.

Based on our proven industry expertise, we see that major players in the energy and utilities market have unrealized potential in some of their businesses. According to the position of the company in the value chain, we have identified 5 main business areas with commonalities in the energy and utilities sectors where we can help to significantly improve operations efficiency:

  • Retail optimization for B2C and B2B: call centre processes, multichannel policy and organization, and meter-to-cash and sales processes.
  • Mobile workforce optimization: maintenance and emergency scheduling, planning in-depth redesign and management of third-parties.
  • Logistics rationalization: overall supply chain analysis
  • Fixed assets operation and maintenance: flexibility optimization and increase in utilization
  • Support functions optimization: transactional activities, human resources, management control and financial processes

Capgemini’s transformational bottom-up approach can deliver sustainable high performance based on a Lean Six Sigma – Business Process Management philosophy blended with our sectorial capabilities.

We complete our lean management methodology with a strong focus on managerial transformation from the bottom up to the executive suite. We sustain value creation by transforming your organizational culture and generating new managerial behaviors.