Capgemini and Pegasystems alliance fosters award-winning innovations

The insurance business is shifting from the traditional model of relying on a stable base of long-term customers, to a more fluid model. Customers have become price sensitive and tech savvy, with nearly one in three saying they are, or will be, using the internet to compare and purchase specific insurance options. In addition, a lack of a 360° view of customer activity can hamper an insurer’s ability to enable targeted offers and cross-sell opportunities. For insurance companies to thrive rather than just survive, they need to stay on top of the social, technological, and economic changes in the business landscape. Insurers are now using a “best of breed” approach to build their own agile customers solutions as a key business differentiator. Insurers need to consider how to make their business more adaptive to change, responsive, and targeted—building customer-centric solutions. Capgemini, in partnership with Pegasystems can help. We work with our clients to understand their situation, their challenges, and goals. Then we initiate projects that release value rapidly—identifying the fast wins. By starting with smaller projects before committing to major ones, we are able to mitigate risk and manage stakeholders’ expectations.