How to choose the right solution to improve your utility’s safety, reliability, asset protection and quality of service

As utility companies across the world are rapidly discovering, the deployment of a Smart Grid fundamentally changes the way distribution systems are operated. Customers and regulators are demanding more, such as improved reliability while enhancing the customer experience. Through the use of advanced Smart Grid applications, utilities are expected to maximize their asset management efforts, reduce capital expenditures, improve reliability and incorporate distributed energy resources such as renewables.

Smart Grid increases the volume and variety of grid management data available by hundreds—potentially thousands—of orders of magnitude. Existing legacy applications for grid operations are typically not equipped to handle even the increase in data from today’s smart meters and sensors, much less maximize the use of the data.

The ADMS is evolving to deliver the functionality you need to meet the new demands being placed upon your utility. To help your utility choose the right ADMS, Capgemini will describe the advanced applications and their associated business benefits.