Capgemini’s Financial Services Business Process Reference Model

Financial services organizations globally are facing increasing complexity and unprecedented market challenges. Greater competition, rising costs, and fleeting customer loyalty, mean organizations must be more agile in response to rapidly changing market conditions. Each new business improvement or technology implementation must produce benefits quickly. Yet many organizations find it very difficult to meet these fast-paced demands, in part, because projects are dependent on important, difficult and time consuming phases such as scoping, requirements gathering and process development. The activities in these phases require a lot of thinking, communication and iterations of work, which dramatically impact throughput times. But why should organizations invest such effort and valuable time to describe how a process is working today and to design the ideal future process? Wouldn’t it be valuable to accelerate process mapping and benefit from leading practices all over the world?

Capgemini’s Financial Services Business Process Reference Model helps to improve your business processes and accelerate projects. The model combines our extensive knowledge and experience within financial services and business process management and incorporates leading practices into one central reference model that is easy to understand, adjust, expand and communicate. Capgemini’s reference models help financial services firms accelerate transformation programs and lower the target state design time by as much as 20%.