A series of webinars that help you understand “how to” optimize your HR operations by up to 60% and deliver an enhanced digital employee experience.

In today’s market landscape, organizations are under pressure to reduce the cost of their HR function, while also facing talent shortages:

  • 92% of executives say that reshaping their organization is a key priority.
  • 31% are already changing their talent systems.
  • Only 53% are confident about the future skills of their organization.

Capgemini has been listening to the market and together with our partners, SumTotal, eNate, and Percipio, among others, we have created a series of eight webinars that inspire, showcase and discuss the impact transforming your HR function can have on your business.

Our “Reimagining HR for the Digital Age” gets behind the surface to inspire, show and discuss how your HR can make an impact on your business. The series features topics such as how to leverage technology in HR, how to optimize your HR operations, and how to increase employee experience and engagement.

Stay tuned for more information about our “Reimagining HR for the Digital Age” series!

Learn more about how Capgemini’s Digital Employee Operations offering can reimagine your HR function for the digital age.