TechnoVision 2018: The Impact of AI

A proven source of technology guidance to help enterprises navigate the compelling and complex opportunities for business

TechnoVision and Artificial Intelligence

Introducing TechnoVision 2018 an annual technology guide for business to help you navigate the compelling yet complex opportunities AI can offer your enterprise.

This edition celebrates our entry into the era of pervasive – or is it invasive? – Artificial Intelligence, the collection of capabilities and behavior by systems that are perceived by humans as intelligence.

Through the TechnoVision framework we see that AI is already fully applied in many different ways, triggering a new wave of business technology solutions. We bring you a practical guide to shape your digital story.

How will you apply TechnoVision 2018?

  • Brainstorm entirely new ideas?
  • Systematically crosscheck a design on how up to date it is?
  • Find a breakthrough to tackle a touch challenge?

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Patrick Nicolet, Group Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini

AI is a spectacular example of rapid evolution affecting every other technology, from dynamic management at scale of the cloud, through to first line defense against ever-more sophisticated cyberattacks. It is a game changer in terms of impact, opportunity, and, it must be acknowledged, risks, for business.

Pierre Hessler, Capgemini Fellow

AI already, and inexorably will, disrupt and reform most aspects of technology, not to mention most aspects of business, and many aspects of our lives.

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Ron Tolido

Executive Vice President, Global CTO – Insights & Data. Certified Master Architect. Member of the Group Technology & Innovation Council. Lead author of TechnoVision. Executive lecturer at TIAS Business School.