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Software Product Engineering

Compete with the digital native companies disrupting your industry using new development paradigms by transforming into a software-driven company.

Entire industries are being disrupted by companies that didn’t exist 15 or 20 years ago. Think Tesla, Stripe, Moderna, Netflix, Airbnb, Twilio and Coinbase.

Reinvent your products and services to become more relevant in our cloud-first, digitally-connected and always-on world.

Become a Digital Native. Reinvent your products as platforms with ecosystems and turn knowledge and experience into programmable APIs. Re-architect legacy systems to reach a broader universe of end-users. Apply Coreless principles to reconnect existing systems in a new, future-proof way.

While cloud-native technologies are important, they’re only part of the story. Acceleration and efficiency result in a transformation to become a software-driven company and acting like one. It’s also about having the right culture and way of work.

– Zenyk Matchyshyn, Chief Technology Officer, Software Product Engineering, Capgemini Engineering

What we do

Resolve coupling issues at enterprise scale. Our enterprise-level process that transforms companies to become a coreless business composed of multiple modules and services that work together, forming a platform and ecosystem around your products.

Become a Digital Native. We provide top-level focused transformation to become a software-driven company that moves at digital-native speeds. Leverage the experience of hundreds of startups who did this successfully and apply it to your domain.

Develop products like startups do. A fast and agile approach to developing new and complex products in a team-based model.

Software engineering solutions for a variety of scenarios, including scaling cloud-native, specialized application re-engineering, connected products, infrastructure for intelligence and immersive experiences for the metaverse.

Meet our experts

Zenyk Matchyshyn

Chief Technology Officer, Software Product Engineering