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Inventive Telecoms


Everything is becoming connected. Are your products? It’s time to switch your business strategy model from traditional products to next generation smart connected products and services. Don’t get left behind.

Inventive Telecoms supercharges your presence in the fast-evolving digital world. It empowers you to create and deliver new, innovative, digital experiences to enable your customers’ aspirations in this disruptive digital age. It can be tailored to both B2C and B2B operators, as well as to vertical industry players.

In a highly disrupted business environment, moving from being a communications service provider (CSP) to a digital services provider (DSP) is critical, not just to your growth, but to your very survival.

Client stories

Inventive Telecoms helps operators and industry players in three ways:

  • For B2B, this approach rewires and reboots omnichannel customer experience and optimizes business operations while enabling the smooth extension of an offer portfolio to tackle ICT revenue growth opportunities.
  • For B2C, Inventive Telecoms provide a framework to launch new digital experiences, services, and universes that help organizations gain new revenue streams. This includes new greenfield and disruptive end-to-end operations where we have seen strong acceleration on the market in the last 18 months.
  • For vertical industry players, it supports the revenue capture and efficiency opportunities associated with implementing 5G capabilities to stay at the forefront in the connected world. It helps them set up their own capabilities to implement and manage the telecoms services they require.

Inventive Telecoms helps you thrive in the evolving digital world by reinventing how you serve your customers, what services you provide, and how quickly you respond to them. In doing so, Inventive Telecoms builds your transformation strategies from the ground up, empowering you to compete in a fast-changing digital world.

Our approach

Launch new digital value propositions to the market

Digital Value Builder supports operators in designing innovative, digital, market-facing products and services. We help operators shape inventive new business models and design compelling customer experiences, as well as the efficient operations that support these. This is often enabled through a greenfield digital platform with 100% digital channels.

Improve omnichannel customer experience and operational excellence

Enterprise Experience Accelerator helps to improve omni-channel customer experience and operational excellence. Telecoms operators that provide B2B services operate in an environment where their portfolio is changing drastically to include mobile, data, VPN, security services, and cloud services while digital natives, such as Amazon and Twilio, enter the B2B arena. They are determined to transform their omnichannel customer experience and operational excellence, underpinned by core capabilities such as Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ), to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this constantly changing market.

Capture revenue and efficiency opportunities

Vertical Industries Enabler supports vertical industry players to capture the revenue and efficiency opportunities associated with the connected world. Our vertical industries enabler helps companies set up their own 5G capabilities to implement and manage the telecoms services they require. We help our clients collate parts of the existing infrastructure and, more importantly, organize and manage the services they’re going to provide over them. We design the target state and support the building of these new capabilities. For the media industry we have created a live-event streaming use case to show a concrete example of what can be achieved by using 5G.


Real-world stories of operators who are embracing digital technology to transform

How Telco Operators and industry players can leverage new network capabilities to enable new services and re-invent the customer experience.

To capitalize on the demand for 5G, telcos will need to transform network and IT infrastructures, reimagine business and operating models, and actively collaborate with both customers and partners.

Meet our experts

Karl Bjurström

Global Head of Invent Telco & Tech
Karl Bjurström is a strategy consultant and manager who specializes in strategy formulation, data, and scaling in the technology, media, and telecom industries. He is passionate about helping clients use digital technologies to gain strategic and operational advantages within product development, customer experience, and marketing.

Fredrik Gunnarsson

Expert in Media and Entertainment, Telecoms

Aurélie Lesouef

Digital Telco Expert, Capgemini Invent
“Telcos today need to catch up as customers are more and more demanding, seeking flexibility, transparency, simplicity. They want to be in the driving seat and be able to start, pause, change whenever they feel like it.”