Capgemini’s CustomerSMART solution enables analysis of your customer buying patterns, identifying key churn parameters and providing business insights into channels with a greater profitability-to-lead ratio. Creating profiles based on behavior, loyalty and social sentiment, CustomerSMART helps improve campaign performance and management.

The perennial challenge –  understanding the customer

Organizations want to offer a personalized customer experience, because it is a differentiator that drives customer loyalty. But more often they do not know:

  • How to predict which products their customers will want next
  • How to follow and interpret customers’ conversations
  • Which customer segments are most profitable.

Organizations need to adopt a proactive strategy that helps them predict more accurately their customers’ behavior and propensity to buy and to stay loyal. Advanced analytic tools and techniques can speed up the analysis of multi-channel and multi-structured data, to generate the necessary predictive insights.

Smart decisions lead to optimized customer value management

Our CustomerSMART solution can help your organization to optimize customer profitability through a better understanding of the behavior and buying preferences of your customers. For example, it can provide insight into how to improve customer segmentation, cross-sell or upsell, customer churn, and customer product affinity.

We help organizations to analyze both unstructured and transactional data, including data from social media platforms. From this, we can identify customer segment buying patterns using customer sentiment analysis, and customer buying behavior. This capability enables the comparison of your actual sales with customer sentiments, to identify specific customer segments and product promotion strategies, as well as identifying churn parameters and channel-specific response and profitability.

Benefits delivered – customer profitability

Our in-depth understanding of customer behavior analysis in a number of sectors, and strong technical and domain expertise, means we can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Better understanding of customer behavior and spend patterns, through analysis of product offerings from sales and customer sentiment view
  • Holistic view of customer behavior for increased customer engagement and profitability
  • More accurate assessment of customer churn indicators and indicators on the necessary churn reduction steps
  • In-depth analysis of product offerings and affinity from a sales and customer sentiment perspective
  • Improved insight into campaign performance and channel selection for promotions
  • Robust and comprehensive data model, for big data analysis and intuitive GUI configuration for multiple industries.

Contact our SMART Solutions team at  to see how our customer analytics capability can help maximize your investment in your insights journey, and improve your campaign performance and customer ROI.




Insights & Data


Capgemini’s CustomerSMART solution adopts technology to cater to all business needs and provides insights to facilitate decision-making at the operational, tactical, and strategic user levels.

Insights & Data


Capgemini’s UtilitySMART improves operations of assets and networks workforce, inventory, compliance, and suppliers to ensure enterprise asset and customer visibility.