Insight-driven Operations

Is your business turning big data insights into actions?

Traditional business intelligence architectures, which rely only on well-known relational systems, excel at processing standard business-generated data. But, today’s environment increasingly demands insights derived from larger and more complex datasets.  As a result, traditional architectures need to adapt to meet the modern needs.

New big data architectures take aim at these challenges of volume and variety. However, they can lack key components and the familiarity required to truly bridge the gap between business operations on one hand, and insights generated from big data solutions on the other.

To address these issues, organizations have moved to modernize their composite ERP application landscapes, by deploying the innovation of SAP HANA®. In parallel, enterprises have also started Hadoop-based big data initiatives, which can sometimes be disjointed from operations.

The biggest value for your big data initiatives actually lies in connecting the dots between the two.

Collaborating with SAP®, Cloudera and Intel®, Capgemini has designed a reference architecture, integrating all the components needed to put insights at the point of action.This innovative reference architecture can:

  • Enable real-time integration with business processes and operational systems through SAP HANA’s link with SAP Business Suite
  • Benefit from high-performance computing, combined with optimized total cost of ownership and scalability
  • Provide an integrated data governance and security management framework
  • Provide an implementation framework for Intel® IOT Platform reference architecture
  • Ingest, distill and process all types of heterogeneous data, internal or external, SAP or non-SAP, structured or unstructured
  • Support a variety of analytical workloads, real-time event detection, patterns detection, agile data exploration, visualization and search
  • Continuously update with upcoming additional features brought by SAP, Cloudera and Intel.
Capgemini is your ‘one stop shop’ for insights-driven operations, from provisioning development and production environments, to implementation, industrialization, and delivering as-a-service models.

Our insights-driven operations solution delivers a unified environment

Seamless collaboration: Capgemini delivers tangible business value, working closely with best-in-class partners:
  • A Global SAP Partner for over 20 years with more than 16,000 SAP practitioners globally, and 60+ SAP HANA projects delivered. A recognized leader in SAP HANA, winning the 2015 SAP Pinnacle award for Services Transformation and 2014 SAP Pinnacle award for SAP HANA Adoption
  • Cloudera is a leader in the Hadoop industry and we are Cloudera’s largest systems integration partner. Big data is a strategic imperative for our clients, so we have developed significant expertise in implementing Cloudera Enterprise.
  • Intel has been involved in both the development of the SAP Hana platform as well as Cloudera Enterprise platform. Our reference architecture takes advantage of the Intel-developed features on security and governance, which are part of the latest versions of Cloudera Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH)
Business Focus: Business outcomes must be the key driver in big data initiatives. Our data experts worldwide can help you deliver value from your data and competitive advantage in your industry
Technology expertise: Our experience in implementing both SAP and Cloudera technologies in a wide variety of industries gives us a unique capability to integrate both into this insights-driven operations architecture
Innovation: Our Insights & Data team and close partnerships mean we can design innovative solutions so you can master your data assets, deliver your digital transformation strategy, and prepare for the next wave of IoT.

A powerful architectural framework

Capgemini has brought together the engineering and innovation skills of SAP HANA, Cloudera Enterprise and the power of Intel to integrate game-changing features into this ready-to-use reference architecture:
  • Ability to look at the net new value for business operations, by bridging the gap between transactions and analytics
  • Designed to both support the new IoT and connected people applications, and to keep improving your existing landscape.
  • Access to new analytical capabilities (machine learning, long-term signal detection on the longest history of data).
  • More accurate predictions by training these algorithms on more data, and more accurate preventative actions help to retain your most valuable customers.