Energy – how we reduce energy demand and consumption

We are committed to creating sustainable and energy efficient workplaces which are good for our people and the environment. Across our estate, we are embracing a range of efficiency measures to reduce energy and water use, adopting new technology and prompting our employees into action. A continued focus on energy efficiency across our offices and data center operations has helped reduce total energy use by 19.8% since 2015.

Energy reduction at a glance (vs 2015)

Investing in renewable energy

In 2019, we  almost doubled the proportion of electricity coming from renewable sources – we accelerated the deployment of renewable energy across our entities in Europe and India, with France moving its entire electricity consumption onto a hydro power contract and India significantly increasing the amount of renewable energy generated. We are committed to building on this progress further and in 2020 we set a new target to ensure that 100% of our electricity will come from renewable sources by 2025.

India’s First Net Zero Campus – Bangalore

In 2019, Capgemini’s Bangalore EPIP campus was the first corporate campus in India to receive the Net Zero Energy Platinum certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This is the highest level of certification available under the IGBC rating system and recognizes Capgemini for having a very efficient site where an equal amount of energy is generated from renewable resources as we use for our own operations. Read more here.


Thinking differently about our office spaces – an office that generates more energy than it consumes

We opened one of our most sustainable offices to date this year in Lille, France. 80% of the construction is made from wood and over half of the site is covered by glass maximizing the amount of natural light. The roof houses a solar array which produces more energy than the office itself consumes, leading to the site receiving BEPOS (Positive Energy) certification. In addition, the office is built around a large central garden providing a connection to the natural environment.

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