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NextStep Exec 2023 Lisbon

October 17, 2023 | Hotel Cascais Miragem, in Cascais

Localization: Cascais Miragem Hotel
Region: Lisbon
Sector: Software Development

Capgemini Presents: NextStep Exec

Join us as Capgemini proudly takes the stage as a sponsor of NextStep Exec, a premier event brought to you by our partner, OutSystems. On October 17th, we invite you to the luxurious Hotel Cascais Miragem in Cascais for an exclusive experience.

NextStep Exec stands as the world’s foremost conference dedicated to high-performance low-code solutions for IT leaders. This unique event will unveil how OutSystems’ platform is being leveraged by clients to conquer their business challenges.

At NextStep Exec, in Lisbon, Capgemini will showcase a groundbreaking Human Resource Management solution, delivering swift and efficient responses to your clients’ needs. Witness the synergy of resource availability and competencies like never before.

Our solution harnesses the power of OutSystems’ ODC platform, enabling lightning-fast development and deployment while embracing cutting-edge technologies and architectures. AI-powered components seamlessly integrate to elevate your business with unmatched responsiveness and precision.

Ready to be part of this transformative event? Register now at OutSystems Event Page and secure your spot in the future of IT!

In this edition of NextStep, IT leaders will also share their invaluable experiences and insights, offering you a unique opportunity to:

Unleash IT Transformation

Hear what’s possible: Explore success stories from renowned organizations and uncover innovative applications that will ignite your inspiration.
Meet visionary leaders: Expand your network among peers who face and conquer similar challenges. Share stories of innovation, perseverance, and leadership.
Discover what lies ahead: Be at the forefront of the low-code revolution, explore the new ODC, and learn how OutSystems is pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable.

Ready to explore the event’s agenda and plan your NextStep journey? Click here to access the event schedule and secure your spot in the future of IT!