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The Quantum Effect

What impact will quantum computing have on business, the talent market, and more as its use cases evolve? Find out in our podcast.

Quantum computing is still an emerging computing technology, but it’s very real and there’s growing interest in its potential as researchers and tech companies alike explore the implications of its huge computing power.

Join Julian van Velzen of Capgemini’s Quantum Labs, Olivia Lanes of IBM’s Qiskit Research and Education, and Robert Hays of Atom Computing as they demystify quantum computing in a fascinating conversation with show host Ollie Judge.

How does quantum computing differ from classical computing? What are the ramifications for the cryptocurrency market? When can we expect to see use cases coming to fruition, such as in large complex simulations in chemistry or physics, or in finance, life sciences and material science?

Hear why our three experts believe you don’t need to be a PhD scientist to get involved in quantum computing. Rather, the emergence of more and more quantum jobs in the coming years will see the necessary skills being drawn from diverse backgrounds beyond core quantum physics.

Nobody really knows how far quantum computing will take us. That’s part of the excitement of embarking on a journey with it now.

Tune in to our podcast for insight into where that journey might take you.

036: The Quantum Effect Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

About the speakers

Julian van Velzen
Julian is CTIO & Head of Capgemini’s Quantum Lab. He is passionate about the possibilities of quantum technologies and has helped establish Quantum Lab as a global network of quantum experts, partners, and facilities, focused on three key areas: sensing, communication, and computing. With a background in physics and experience in digital transformation, Julian explores how to apply research and build demos to help ‘make the impossible possible’.

Olivia Lanes, Ph.D.
Olivia is the North American Lead, Qiskit Research and Education at IBM. In this capacity, she helps to put the open-source software development toolkit Qiskit into the hands of researchers and ensures that people using IBM’s systems have access to the best tools and devices. She is passionate about education and works on IBM Quantum’s challenges and summer schools with the aim of democratizing quantum education.

Robert Hays
Robert is CEO and President of Atom Computing, a growing start-up company building quantum computers out of optically trapped neutral atoms. Rob has over 20 years’ technology leadership, pushing the limits of computing performance and accelerating innovation. He was previously Chief Strategy Officer for Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group and, prior to that, Vice President and General Manager for Intel’s Xeon processor roadmaps.


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