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Cracking the code of musical creativity with NFTs

If playing music is akin to writing code, will music NFTs be the codebreaker the industry needs to transform? Find out in our podcast.

The music industry is a complex structure of artists, creativity, rights, lyrics, and more. Typically, a band or artist’s creative output is owned by a studio or record label. But what if the artists themselves could take control of monetizing their creativity? It’s a game-changing thought that explodes the business model of the modern music industry. And we’re right on the cusp of it happening.

Join Capgemini Invent’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Kary Bheemaiah in conversation with Capgemini Metaverse Lab’s Dheeren Vélu and special guest Finbar O’Hanlon, a modern-day Renaissance Man. Together, they explore the exciting potential for music non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to transform the way the music industry works.

With a look back to some of the pioneering developments with which both Finbar and Dheeren have been involved, our podcast explores the commoditization of music and asks where the value lies. It turns out that scarcity, rather than volume, creates value and that’s where NFTs come into play.

NFTs offer a new approach to providing value to both the artists and their fans. Discover how this is unfolding — and why it’s going to take a bold frontrunner to make the seismic shift that will truly transform established ways of operating and monetizing music. Tune in (excuse the pun!) to our podcast for a fascinating insight into the music industry past, present, and future.

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