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Connected Vehicle Trend Radar 2

Capgemini Invent is delighted to introduce the second issue of the Connected Vehicle Trend Radar.

Capgemini Invent publishes regular Trend Radars, each of which is an entertaining and thought-provoking read for automotive experts but also everyone who’s interested in automotive. The series aims to keep you abreast of some of our latest research and insights into this fast-evolving market in order to help you maintain your competitive edge. Each issue will highlight a specific topic, with deep dives into important aspects.

For this second Connected Vehicle Trend Radar, Capgemini Invent set out to explore how OEMs can make the most of connected services in terms of monetization. We surveyed more than 3,000 customers worldwide to find out their views on current services. A series of expert interviews helped us interpret the findings.

Our research shows that OEMs have yet to exploit the full potential of connectivity. Usage of OEM-provided connected services is generally low (44% of customers do not yet have any connected services in their cars, and only about half of those who do have them are frequent users).

“In the past, drivers had to make do with what they were given by manufacturers, but this monopoly no longer exists. Tech companies successfully entered the space with smartphone services and easy connections towards the car. Now OEMs need to work harder to stay relevant — especially as customers become increasingly unwilling to accept connected services that are not current or fall short of the premium.”, says Dr. Rainer Mehl, Managing Director Manufacturing, Automotive, and Life Sciences, Capgemini Invent.