Manuel Sevilla

Expert in Business Information Management

Manuel Sevilla is the Chief Technical Officer for the Global BIM TLI of Capgemini. Manuel monitors the Business Intelligence market, works closely with the vendors to understand their roadmap and to be able to advise Capgemini customers on their strategic investments. As Enterprise Architect, with a very strong expertise on Business Intelligence, Manuel is used to design complete Business Intelligence solutions that are actively part of the customer information system.

I helped a Life Science company to reduce their closure delay from 19 days to only 6.

Manuel Sevilla

My experience

CTo for Global BIM @ Capgemini


Principal – Enterprise Architect @ Capgemini

01/01/2009 to 06/30/2011

Business Intelligence Architect @ Capgemini

06/01/2004 to 01/31/2009

Business Intelligence Manager @ Itras

01/01/2002 to 04/30/2004

Business Intelligence Consultant @ Itras

11/01/1999 to 01/31/2002

System Analyst @ Itras

06/01/1997 to 11/30/1999

System Analyst (Trainee) @ EDF-GDF

06/01/1996 to 10/31/1996

Latest Publications


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Manuel Sevilla

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Manuel Sevilla

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