Standardizing Processes Allows Dufry to Find a Common Way to Work

Capgemini helps travel retailer develop and implement a new set of consistent operating procedures across their entire organization.

“The main contribution of the Capgemini Consulting team was its ability to combine excellent consulting expertise with an unbeatable business sense, extending value of the project beyond just nice design to a real way to improve the business.”
Xavier Rossinyol, Global CFO, Dufry

The Situation

Dufry is a leading global travel retailer. It operates more than 450 duty-free and duty-paid shops in airports, cruise lines, seaports, railway stations and downtown tourist areas.

To grow, the company has had to shift from a wholesaler mentality to one much more focused on the retail aspects of the business, often resulting in a mismatch in processes and procedures from division to division. The company has also had to deal with the internal diversity resulting from absorption and acquisition of new companies.

To keep moving ahead, the company knew it would need to develop a common method of working that was standard across all working groups and across all its many regions, countries and shops. Capgemini was asked to assist in finding a way to accomplish this.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of the company’s existing procedures, Dufry’s Group Directors and Capgemini set out to develop a completely new set of standard procedures, with the intention that they would eventually be implemented across the entire company. An initial workshop familiarized the main implementers from each of the regions and countries with the proposed procedures.

Once their buy-in was received on the project, named Modus, it was given a pilot launch at the company headquarters and fine tuned through proofs of concept in Russia, Italy and Tunisia. All the lessons learned from the pilot were incorporated into the overall plan before a phased rollout was carried out, region by region, across the rest of the company.

The Result

The Modus project has allowed a set of common operating processes and procedures to be successfully defined, standardized and implemented throughout the entire company.

It offers Dufry the opportunity to achieve much greater efficiency and to realize its vision of becoming a truly global company, one that is focused on service rather than managing relationships with customers/suppliers by achieving the highest level of excellence in central services functions.