City for City

City for City creates city-specific websites to help highlight local small businesses, amplified by their respective social media channels. Currently, they operate in Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger.

How does City for City help to foster a sense of community for small businesses?

Hans Haugli, creative director at Idean, part of Capgemini Invent: “One of our designers in Bergen had an idea for how to support her local shops around where she lived and worked and that turned into this platform. We invite shops to register and tell their story about what they were doing in this social lockdown period to keep on delivering their goods and services, and we highlight their company for free on our websites and social media channels.

Inger Marie Nordgård and Pierre Chinniah, Cupcake and Pie, Norway
Inger Marie Nordgård and Pierre Chinniah, Cupcake and Pie, Norway

“For example, through Oslo for Oslo, we’re featuring Cupcake and Pie. They’re a small bakery in Mathallen that makes everything from scratch with local ingredients. We’re proud to bring visibility to businesses like these.

“We want to raise awareness for local businesses, goods, and services, and to make it easy for people to choose local when they need to buy something. City for City supports healthy communities, a service with the ability to scale and become a permanent go-to place for anything local, supporting the growth and wellbeing of local businesses.”