GE and Capgemini collaborate to drive the digital industrial growth through Predix

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How does a factory manager know that a particular product is no longer in demand and the company should immediately stop manufacturing it to avoid revenue loss?

How does a sales person monitor real-time production data and based on that inform clients on a near-accurate delivery schedule? The answer, of course, lies in analytics.

Times are changing! The drive towards automation and real-time factory data analytics has transformed the industries across the globe in a significant manner. Today organizations in almost every industry sector rely on a large amount of data that can be intelligently leveraged to give actionable insights and beat competition. GE’s cloud-based Predix platform connects streams of machine data to powerful analytics, which gives industrial companies the power to manage their assets and operations efficiently, through valuable insights.

Predix, known as the operating system for the Industrial Internet, is clearly the game changer for industries today. Capgemini’s partnership with GE Digital has come a long way to drive successful outcomes with Predix. We are collaborating with GE to help industrial companies accelerate their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) journey using high performance apps powered by the Predix platform. For instance, we help companies reduce their power usage, generate power onsite, and drive new revenue streams such as pay-per-outcome using sensors and networked systems in building and cities.

For years, GE has been a very active player across diverse industries. To date, the company has collected huge amount of data from its own factories and heavy industrial machines such as MRI machines, wind turbines and jet engines. Now GE has combined this data with complex algorithms to drive intelligent outcomes through Predix. Building on our 25 years partnership with GE, Capgemini has been helping industrial companies leverage the power of Predix to stay competent and ahead of the growth curve.

A lot of organizations operating in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and other industrial sectors of the economy still struggle to understand the actual implications of IIoT on their business. For these organizations the risks of moving too slowly are real. As an early adopter of Predix, Capgemini has the opportunity of large value creation by enabling these companies tap data from connected products, automate decisions, and take actions in real time.

Some of the positive outcomes would be improved asset utilization through predictive maintenance and remote management; higher visibility into products, processes, customers, and partners; emergence of connected ecosystems interacting with software platforms that blur traditional industry boundaries; creation of new jobs such as medical robot designers or grid optimization engineers; and greater collaboration among humans and machines for unprecedented levels of productivity.

With GE’s Predix platform, Capgemini will leverage the real power of smart sensors, intelligent assistants, robots to transform tomorrow’s workforce of industrial companies.

Watch the video, where Anup Sharma, CIO, GE Digital sheds light on Capgemini’s digital transformation enabled by Predix and the limitless opportunities it offers to the digital industrial world.

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