UIsmart for User Interfaces

In weeks or even days, UIsmart enables SAP users to accelerate processing by up to 95% while increasing employee productivity and improving user experience.

Poor user experience limits performance

Today’s business users expect interactions via any device, technology that is fast and intuitive, and applications that are personalised and a delight to use. This is what they experience as consumers, and they want the same at work. This is now achievable using the latest SAP technologies and user centric development methodologies.

The solution: UIsmart

Capgemini’s UIsmart helps SAP organisations meet these consumer expectations. It uses Design Thinking, a human-centred approach that tests and validates concepts iteratively using prototypes. In this way we gather input from users, business, solution architects and developers to create the best solutions.

This thinking is coupled with SAP’s UI technologies such as the Fiori UX and SAP UI5,  which support developers in quickly creating user-friendly screens for SAP systems that are optimised for web and mobile platforms.

This combination enables you to simplify your SAP landscape through the addition of user-centric applications featuring state-of-the-art user interfaces (UIs).

UIsmart benefits

UIsmart ensures you get the right product for the right user at the right time and on the right device: a consumer-grade user experience, designed with and for users. As a result you’ll see:

  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Increased productivity – up to 95% in transaction processing speed
  • Improved data quality
  • Lower development costs
  • Reduced training needs

UIsmart provides tools and techniques so you can easily measure and demonstrate the improvements that you have achieved.

Offerings in the UIsmart family

These Capgemini offerings complement our user centric approach, described above:

  • UI strategy definition. Let us identify your main transactions, users and scenarios, pinpoint potential areas for improvement using our diagnostic toolkit, and help you prioritise areas for improvement based on the projected benefits.
  • Business case exploration. Before you embark on your UIsmart project, find out what you can expect in terms of costs and benefits via our structured series of workshops and consultations.
  • Rapid prototyping. Take advantage of our templates and repository of reusable components to accelerate development. New UI prototypes can be ready within days.
  • Industrialised agile delivery. Benefit from a methodology that mixes agile and waterfall according to your organisation’s business and delivery needs.

Why work with Capgemini?

Each UIsmart project has access to our specialised team of user experience (UX) designers, solution architects, SAP functional consultants and developers, backed by our UIsmart Centre of Excellence. This breadth and depth of expertise ensures we can innovate while taking full account of the characteristics of backend SAP processes.

Our accelerators give the projects a head start, so that users quickly see a working prototype and we can easily collect key metrics about interaction patterns and satisfaction levels.

The combination of our team and our industrialised design and delivery methodology enables our clients to overcome the challenges around competency, process, culture and risk that can hamper this type of project.

We have applied the approach successfully with a number of key clients including Anglian Water.