ADMnext: Transforming your applications services into an active business growth enabler

In today’s chaotic marketplace, technology and the expectations of your customers are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. In order to deliver here, a future-proof application services strategy is crucial – an approach that goes beyond the core IT requirements of operational excellence and cost optimisation.

To offer your customers better experiences, you want applications that can work with new technologies and bring about meaningful digital transformation – an approach that can help you seamlessly make the move to the Cloud and adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies across your business. But many times, your current setup may not be a good fit for these new approaches – with legacy systems integration, elimination of technical debt, and their resulting sluggishness and cost increases being key issues.

Why most Digital Transformation efforts fail

A recent joint research paper that Capgemini conducted with Everest Group shows us that as many as 78% of enterprises fail in their Digital Transformation initiatives, and considers how to avoid the pitfalls through a systematic approach to processes, IT and operations.

Gary James, Capgemini’s AMS expert, has written a blog to put this in context, and reminds of the importance of getting the most out of your digital transformation and not focusing on the underlying detail of IT.

ADMnext: Comprehensive, uninterrupted business value

In response to these challenges, we developed ADMnext. ADMnext is a comprehensive portfolio of assets and services aimed at delivering uninterrupted value and excellence to your business. Our palette of solutions covers the full stack of IT, infrastructure, and operations – enabling you to go beyond operational excellence and cost effectiveness.

Ultimately, ADMnext enables you to excel at the fundamentals of ADM, enhance your ADM capabilities to become digitally ready, and innovate like never before. The result is a host of fresh benefits for your future business:

Drive a cost-effective and operationally efficient applications landscape

We work with you to fix the basics and unleash every leeway for cost structure optimisation, productivity, and operational efficiencies, while avoiding knowledge loss with delivery model optimisation and mechanisms like LEAN.

Implement automation across your service areas

We automate your AM/AD processes and business functions with the aim of detecting issues before occurrence. We enable you to utilise self-heal tools, and eliminate repeated tasks and error prone areas, while also implement customized AI, CI, and NLP solutions that take your current context and tools into account.

Create a business-focused and customer centric perspective

We offer you a holistic approach and view of business and IT services within a multi-party ecosystem. This is coupled with strong a services integration and business value chain approach with Business Insights.

Continuous modernisation

We help you reduce landscape complexity and technical debt, and increase agility and Digital readiness. We deliver continuous portfolio management and tools, landscape modernisation, new platform adoption (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS), and evolving monolithic systems within a pluggable context.

Implement a multi-speed operating model

We enable you to increase the value of your investments in new platforms and deliver agility throughout your business by taking advantage of out-of-box features on Cloud platforms, cultivating a product team culture, upskilling your people, and embracing Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Support your business growth with innovation

We bring value to your business through the exploration of new technologies, innovation, and known business issues or concerns. We help you harvest “within” ideas using our team’s insights, along with exploring innovation networks and ecosystems, and leveraging ready-to-use, proven solutions.


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