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A recipe for reducing food waste in retail

Start dramatically cutting waste across your value chain

With costs estimated at a trillion dollars every year, food waste is a massive issue. One-third of all food is wasted, harming the climate, biodiversity, and consumers. Now, that’s all about to change.

Until recently, food waste seemed like an unavoidable part of the system. Today, new solutions are making it possible to illuminate the entire value chain, enabling everyone from farmers to retailers to coordinate on a scale never before possible. Our new report takes a sweeping look at the causes – and solutions – to this global challenge.

Mounting pressure

From every direction, pressure to reduce food waste is mounting.

  • Governments are enacting new food waste regulations, with a target of cutting 50% of food waste by 2030.
  • Consumers are demanding less waste from retailers, and they’re rewarding retailers who make the effort.
  • Retailers themselves have been stepping up their commitments to reducing food waste – and they’re already seeing a return on their investment.

Inefficiencies at this scale need to end – many retailers are already finding ways to close the gaps. Our report provides an overview of the landscape today

In this report you’ll find:

  • An overview of food waste worldwide
  • Why retailers are uniquely positioned to drive change
  • What barriers are preventing retailers from acting
  • How you can dramatically reduce food waste

You’ll also find concrete examples of retailers that have made impressive strides to cut food waste from their operations.

Learn more

Learn how your retail company can reduce waste, while leading with a sense of purpose that resonates with your customers.

Food waste reduction solutions for retail

Less waste, more value

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