DevOps & Agile Services for Banking and Capital Markets

Combining DevOps with Agile development methodologies can deploy 30x more apps than traditional software development. An assessment of people, processes and technology is needed to identify the organization-specific training, tools and accelerators for adopting Agile and DevOps best practices.

Meeting the insatiable demand for new Apps and Services

Given the ever-growing business demand for the continuous delivery of high-quality apps and functionality, the question for IT leadership in banking and capital markets firms is not if or why, but rather how best to transform their agile development, enabling it with DevOps. The key challenges include:

  • growth in number of urgent, date-driven projects;
  • interconnecting traditional apps;
  • accelerating apps’ rate of change;
  • increasingly complex IT landscapes;
  • digital assets require quicker changes.

DevOps and Agile Transformation Services

Capgemini offers a comprehensive suite of consulting and IT services for agile transformation. These include:

  • High Performance Team Framework services (team-forming, training, coaching and leadership)
  • Agile Assessment of people, processes and technologies leveraging the proven Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) methodology
  • Agile Program Delivery and Management services
  • DevOps Enablement services, promoting efficient workflow among business, development, QA and operations teams.

Your Guide to IT Agility for Banking and Capital Markets

Capgemini has helped hundreds of firms reap the benefits of a DevOps agile organization. With dedicated Centers of Excellence for Agile, DevOps, TEM, TDM, and Automation Performance, we manage the collaboration of resources across the various streams of the software development lifecycle. The Agile Assessment of the entire IT organization in one international bank led to a successful transformation initiative, and another bank cut its agile-testing cost by ~40% employing our Rightshore® services.

Speed Higher-Quality Apps Development

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