Marketing messages or genuine developments in power efficiency? Find out in Capgemini’s Green IT Report.

Capgemini’s Green IT Report is a study of the IT industry’s green credentials and an assessment of how industry leaders, EMC, HP, IBM, Google and Sun Microsystems, are dealing with the topics of environmental responsibility, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Rather than focus on just the end product, we look at manufacturing processes, logistics and resource use to evaluate how some of the leading IT companies are addressing their responsibility to the environment.

How is IT responding to the growing pressure to be green and use energy more efficiently?

The report seeks to answer this question by assessing the industry’s leaders on their green practices. The Green IT Report also provides insight into the future developments that will shape the relationship between IT and the environment. For business and sustainability leaders, there is also a beginner’s guide to formulating a Green IT strategy.

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Green IT Report – Executive Summary
A four-page summary of the Green IT Report’s findings and Capgemini’s conclusions

Capgemini’s Green Office
A virtual, interactive office where ‘visitors’ can see how and where IT can be used to create a greener workplace

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10 Steps to Green IT
A 10-step beginner’s guide to formulating a Green IT strategy

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