Automatización inteligente de procesos

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Construya una fuerza laboral aumentada digitalmente a escala mediante el aprovechamiento de la automatización inteligente bajo COVID-91

Fast-track Intelligent Process Automation

Capgemini’s Fast-track Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) enhances your business operations with automated, end-to-end processes and a virtual, digitally augmented workforce at scale – all of which is underpinned and infused with RPA, AI, and smart analytics to deliver an unprecedented level of process intelligence to your organization 24/7.

Our Fast-track IPA solution provides a virtual, scalable workforce within 4–6 weeks that delivers increased productivity, efficiency, agility, client satisfaction, and revenue – as well as 10–25% of process scope savings and a return on investment within 3–6 months.

Fast-track Intelligent Process Automation

To learn more about how Capgemini’s Fast-track Intelligent Process Automation can become a critical part of your COVID-19 nerve center by implementing a digitally augmented workforce at scale, read more from our colleagues or contact:

Fast-track Intelligent Process...

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