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HFS Research recognizes Capgemini as a market leader in Supply Chain Services, 2023

07 feb. 2024

HFS Research has recognized Capgemini as a Market Leader in its Horizons Report for Supply Chain Services, 2023, due to its extensive supply chain expertise, its ability to drive key supply chain outcomes, and its ability to partner with clients to deliver improved customer experience.

Nearly 80% of enterprises expect their supply chains to become more circular and networked in the next two years according to HFS Research’s latest Horizon Report for Supply Chain Services, 2023. Indeed, with supply chain disruptions making up one of the top three macro-environmental factors impacting enterprises, supply chain is no longer just an operational conversation topic – it has become a boardroom discussion.

Covering the leading service providers in enterprise supply chain innovation, HFS Research’s Horizon Report for Supply Chain Services, 2023, groups providers into three horizons:

  • Horizon 1 (Disruptor) providers that drive functional optimization outcomes within the supply chain through cost reduction, while increasing speed and efficiency
  • Horizon 2 (Enterprise Innovation) – providers with Horizon 1 attributes, the capacity to drive circular supply chains with a strong sustainability narrative, and the ability to transform end-to-end supply chains through a OneOffice™ mindset
  • Horizon 3 (Market Leader) – providers with Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 attributes, and capabilities to bring a fully networked and autonomous vision of supply chain to life for their clients – driving completely new sources of value for them through a OneEcosystem™ approach.

HFS Research has recognized Capgemini as a Horizon 3 Market Leader in the field of supply chain services, due to its:

  • Robust value proposition – leveraging an “ecosystem coordinator” approach on top of its comprehensive supply chain portfolio and its breadth of services from business model consulting to physical engineering
  • Enhanced outcomes – its ability to leverage supply chain design capabilities, leading-edge technology, and global business process outsourcing capabilities to significantly improve dispatch rate and forecast accuracy and drive stock reduction for its clients
  • Improved customer experience – its commercial model flexibility and customer relationship management capabilities, which enable Capgemini to reach its customers and overcome their supply chain challenges through collaboration
  • Trusted partner – its status as a top three partner of many key supply chain tech firms who confirm Capgemini’s intent to become an ecosystem orchestrator.

“Capgemini’s proposition lies in its ability to build modern supply chains underpinned by its connected business operations and intelligent industry offerings. The engineering competency, services breadth and maturity, and experience running end-to-end supply chain operations amplify the overall value.”

Ashish Chaturvedi, Practice Leader, HFS Research

Learn how Capgemini’s Intelligent Supply Chain Operations solution enables you to transform your organization with an integrated and frictionless supply chain that delivers cognitive, touchless operations, and data-driven decision-making.

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