Inclusion is a journey, not a destination!

We are by nature social animals!

But Covid-19 has forced a severe deviation, inflicting unimaginable social, economic, emotional, and health crises upon people. The black swan event has exposed the deep inequalities and vulnerabilities of our communities.  Read More

Gayathri Ramamurthy, Diversity & Inclusion Lead – Capgemini India

Gender balance and the equal representation of women in Insights & Data

Some believe that the best way to work is when there are equality and balance in the organization. This could be a work-life balance for example or equality and diversity in the workplace. Since I find the equal representation of women in the data management practice in Insights and Data to be of great importance, it brings me great pleasure to tell you about how six data-passionate women came together to discuss this very concept at the Capgemini London office in Holborn on September 28, 2018. Read More

Hardev Wahiwala, Knowledge Manger

Women in the workplace: The changing face of women in IT

Since the dawn of time, women have assumed different roles in different cultures. In rare instances do women enjoy more power than men. For most of us, it’s still very much a man’s world. Our society is full of stereotypes that keep women from realizing their full potential and thriving independently. And, although times are changing, women still have to prove themselves at every step, fighting a new battle every day in a war that is far from over. A Honeypot study conducted in February 2018 shows that women constitute around 50% of the general workforce, but only 30% of the high tech sector. A 2016 World Bank survey shows that only 19% of firms are led by women. Read More

Loveleen Kaur, Associate Consultant

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