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Digital Acceleration

To survive and compete, organisations need to design, assemble, and launch digital products and services at high speed and at the lowest possible cost – while continuing to ensure IT stability and security, and cope with a rapidly-shifting technical landscape.

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Technology is now a critical driver and enabler of business strategy. To survive and compete, organisations need to be able to design, assemble and launch digital products and services at high speed and at the lowest possible cost – while continuing to ensure IT stability and security, and coping with a rapidly-shifting technical landscape. In Digital Acceleration this is fundamentally what we do – help our clients to build their business and IT capabilities to achieve these outcomes in an agile, flexible and sustainable way which is a major challenge.

We understand that technology-driven business transformation requires cross-functional teams who can work together, testing-and-learning, driving continuous business performance improvement. Turning this vision to reality requires leadership, a clear strategy, careful stakeholder engagement and delivery excellence.

Our services

We help organisations to define and implement a technology strategy, operating model and set of IT delivery capabilities that are fit for purpose in today’s digital economy. We support CIOs in setting up their IT functions to maximise the opportunity presented by digital technologies, Cloud hosting and Agile ways of working.

Digital IT Strategy & Transformation – Create and implement comprehensive, future-proof digital technology strategies to re-position IT as a digital accelerator.
Digital IT Target Operating Model – Re-design the business/technology operating model to transform the way clients discover, build and deploy digital products and services.
Agile@Scale & DevOps – Build and scale Agile and DevOps ways of working to drive speed and value.
Cloud Transformation – Transform to cloud-based technology and realise the benefits.
Digital Transformation Programme Excellence – Design, deliver, assure and recover digital transformation programmes.

We are looking for

You’ll bring experience in transforming business through technology and transforming the way clients operate.

Confident at working in a technology-driven environment (but not necessarily from an IT background or an expert in IT), you will bring proven skills and experience in leading and delivering consultancy projects or workstreams to design and implement Scaled Agile practices in large organisations. You will have acted as an Agile Coach or worked on delivering Agile transformation initiatives, with a passion for innovative thinking and an ability to drive change.

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Agile Transformation
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Agile Transformation
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