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Unleashing the power of technology

Our digital engineers have a wealth of experience building modern, scalable platforms to industrialise insights; they focus on re-engineering your data foundations to provide structured, quality data which powers agility across your retail organisation. ​

Our Insight Driven Enterprise experts help retailers incorporate advanced analytics, AI and automation technologies, eliminating repetitive tasks and driving real-time decision-making to improve customer experiences, drive operations and unlock new propositions. ​

Our Agile Core specialists work with retailers to define their vision and develop a roadmap which unlocks early value and enables modernisation at their pace. By identifying the business outcomes which drive your ambition, we develop a roadmap to deliver rapid business value at reduced cost.​

We help retailers establish their own digital delivery capability; creating a culture which empowers your teams to deliver user-centred, innovative solutions in an agile way. We help you to re-structure your teams into multi-functional squads focused on delivering business outcomes at pace.​ Our custom software development practice specialise in using API-led architecture to modernise and scale your core retail business; leveraging the power of new technologies to drive business value, connect disparate applications and data, and allow your technology to move at different speeds.​

Our Future of Technology experts help retailers create a digital strategy which paves the way for exciting customer experiences, and turns IT into a driver of growth. We help you identify where to invest, where to reduce costs, what to move to the cloud and what outcomes to enable.​ Our Cloud Infrastructure Service will help you to fully embrace disruption, execute your digital strategy securely and drive economies through service integration, so that you can rapidly innovate and scale, achieving a speed and flexibility which is unattainable with monolithic applications.​ Our Application Development and Maintenance service is skilled at helping retailers run a cost-effective service and solution delivery and enable business innovation, so that you continue to optimise operations, enhance end-user experience and deliver tangible business outcomes.​

​Establish Insight Capabilities

Retailers must turn to data and analytics to develop more customer-centric propositions, marketing initiatives and supply chains which increase their ability to compete and drive revenue.  We believe knowing your customer lies at the heart of modern retailing; combining internal and external data into a single view of customer, to infer relationships and leverage insight. Our Insight-Driven Retailer proposition will accelerate your ability to create insights and automate decision-making; delivering the capabilities and solutions that will drive impact with data.

Enable Business Agility

Retailers need to modernise their core applications through the development of a set of digital services which enable them to continuously adapt with the market.  We believe retailers must shrink the core to a standardised system of record and create intuitive, insight driven services designed to deliver tangible business outcomes. Our Agile Core Proposition will accelerate your ability to deliver  new capabilities at a reduced cost, empowering you to maximise brand differentiators without customising your core.

Modernise Technology Services

Retailers are fast recognising that great ideas are only part of the answer; the ability to accelerate, enabled by cloud and emerging technologies is critical. We believe retailers need more agility, to drive the innovation and cost savings required. Critical to this is a nimble, product centric cloud architecture which can accelerate value. Our combined teams of retail and technology experts bring the method, models and accelerators to deliver the modernisation, innovation and cost savings required to stay ahead of the game.

Meet our Retail expert

Steven Webb

VP | UK Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Capgemini
Steven is the UK Chief Technology Officer at Capgemini and part of the UK leadership team. He is an experienced technology leader and IT strategist who understands how to deliver strategic customer value, through innovation and transformation. Steven is responsible for leading Capgemini’s UK Software Engineering, Architecture and Innovation communities; making sure technology and innovation is at the heart of what we do as a business.