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Cloud for Intelligent Industry

Industries are eager to operationalize intelligent technologies. Our cloud for intelligent industry services harness artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, and IoT/IIoT/OT advances to bring intelligent business opportunities across industries.

Our services help you create intelligent digital inside products and systems with connectivity from the edge to the cloud; built-in agility to enable fast time-to-market and operational efficiency; and embedded security from the edge to the cloud.

They support digital continuity with elasticity and resilience via consumption-based payment models that reduce TCO. And they provide digital convergence through strong partnerships with global hyperscalers, allowing for low-cost of experimentation to support fast development of new business models and product innovations.

Business transformation is an exhilarating journey, with an even more exciting destination. Capgemini Cloud will take you to a place where your intelligent organization comes to life, harnessing AI, ML and IoT to transform everything from the digital to the physical and out into the value-chain beyond. And because we’re agile and outcome focused, we’ll get you there smoothly – making sure your operations won’t miss a beat as your vision becomes reality. Start your journey to adventure.

Corteva improves crop output, cuts costs via the cloud

Corteva was looking to optimize crop output with faster, better genetic sequencing technology. We re-platformed three genomics applications into the AWS cloud, enabling Corteva to process 10 times more genomes per year, cut the cost of sequencing 50%, and process individual sequences 5 times faster.

What we offer

Use our intelligent, scalable, IoT operations platform to facilitate a closed loop of data and agile app development. We provide a value-based roadmap for innovation aligned to business objectives, and facilitate your move to agile, at-scale deployment to create a culture of innovation.

Access intelligent automation for reduction of manual tasks and fixed costs; real-time information management for faster decision making/escalations; and predictive maintenance, flow simulation, energy management and more through advanced analytics, improving efficiency and optimizing resource consumption.

We provide mobility services via edge software, secure data integration, anomaly detection, diagnostic alerts, and more, so you can optimize the in-vehicle experience, global fleet operations, and innovation using democratized data.

Accelerate your autonomous vehicle initiatives with a development road map, along with the architecture and technology required for confidence, safety. and trust. We offer tools for integration and digital continuity, allowing you to quickly scale ADAS infrastructure via hybrid cloud models.

Take advantage of our turnkey product lifecycle management (PLM) and a virtualized computer-aided design (CAD) environment in the cloud; synchronization and transition management for smooth migrations to the cloud; and interface management to connect PLM to other applications for smooth data exchanges.