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Reflect IoD

Digital twin for augmented asset operation

Maximize asset performance

​​Industrial assets such as buildings, factories, and networks produce streams of segregated data that operators use to gain a complete view of operations, perform effective analysis, and understand threats and opportunities.

Capgemini’s Reflect IoD is a digital-twin platform for augmented asset operations that optimizes data access, integration, and design for enhanced operations effectiveness.

Revolutionize operational efficiency

Industrial building and infrastructure operations teams are inundated with data, including:

  • CAD drawings and mechanical renderings
  • Real-time performance analytics
  • Work orders
  • Operations manuals
  • And more.

This information is often siloed in disparate systems, making retrieval, aggregation, and analysis difficult and time consuming.

Reflect IoD changes that.

Easier access to aggregated data insights

The Reflect IoD platform creates a seamless layer of digital continuity for operators with three key solution streams.

Smart data and models: A single, centralized tool pulls siloed data into one integrated unit, providing insights and modeling for predictive maintenance, simulation, and analytics tools via a customizable dashboard.

Intelligent monitoring: Efficient supervision of network operations assets is achieved via single login access to unsiloed and intelligently integrated data.

Augmented maintenance: Facilities and equipment maintenance and repairs are made more cost effective via remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and assistance to consolidation of assets prior to repair deployment.

This gives operators better business results through easier access to aggregated data, synthesized insights, and integrated data points from multiple sources.

A cost-effective and customizable accelerator

Cloud-native, open-source, and API-based, the Reflect IoD platform is the only one of its kind integrating natively 1D to 3D, with a flexible data model and the ability to federate data from multiple sources including GIS, IoT, and EAM, delivered intuitively via a user-friendly UX.

Reflect IoD boosts:

  • Workforce efficiency 10–30%
  • Asset reliability 10–20%
  • Compliance to standards

Reflect IoD reduces:

  • Time to find the right data 35%
  • Handover time 10%–30%
  • Maintenance costs 5%–20%

Get up and running quickly with rapid results

Capgemini offers an easy entry point to asset optimization with Reflect IoD, and a fast return on investment.

Our tiered implementation strategy delivers:

  • A customizable dashboard and APIs
  • Rapid results for client-specific use cases
  • A timeframe of four to six months for proof of value

Get in touch to explore how Reflect IoD could work for your organization.

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