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Understanding your enterprise to shape future transformation

Grasp the moment or become the legacy

External influences, changing business models, and intelligent technology all give rise to opportunities.  Organisations face challenges in understanding how to evolve and reform their enterprise platforms to respond to changing market conditions: what to do, when to do it, how to get business buy-in, establish the benefits, and how ERP change can enable business strategy.

Many organisations are still debating how best to move forward with their ERP platforms.  Speed, complexity, and risk all have to be considered and we often find that our clients adopt, consciously or unconsciously, one of three broad positions: Stagnation, Reformation, Revolution!

ERP positioned
i. where is your ERP positioned…?

Stagnation.  Perceived difficulties of advancing the ERP estate lead to inertia, under-investment and a continuation of poor outcomes.

Reformation.  A more practical approach to benefits and change, exploiting past successes, pursing quick wins and incremental improvement.

Revolution.  ERP change aligned with, and enabling, the transformation agenda, strategic outcomes and business value.

We can help  you plan the future…

Our ERP Advisory Services team can help you understand how your enterprise needs to evolve.  Our expertise, accelerators and approach enable your organisation to develop a case for change and a roadmap that secures the agreement and enthusiasm to move forward.  We identify how enterprise applications can, with the right focus, unlock business value and be seen as a ‘force for the good’ across your organisation.

Our advice is grounded by our experience; we know what it takes to build, run and operate business-critical systems and more importantly how to design them to deliver value, because this is what we do every day.  Our power lies in the strength and breadth of our Group, with industry and sector experts, IT strategy and applications specialists, change management consultants for transformational change and operationalising change, user experience and digital manufacturing capabilities.

Understanding value and enabling business strategy and outcomes

Capgemini business reference model
ii. Capgemini business reference model

Whatever the questions and whatever the approach to answering them, we use our business reference model to shape the best outcomes and advice. Your key challenge might be a sub-optimal, critical customer journey. The layers of the model help us to understand and address the core problem but also to understand the wider context of strategy enablement, people and culture change, process optimisation, data, reporting and the technology enablers. Alternatively, your key challenge could be that your business colleagues have fallen out of love with your enterprise application. You can see the value of your investment to date slipping away unless you can resolve this.

Finally, your senior business leadership might be demanding more value, greater agility or better analytics from the enterprise applications. They are demanding a step change.

We can help with all three scenarios. We can bring the best outside-in view available – in other words, that fresh thinking you need. We have industry insights, processes, techniques and tooling to run a quick step-by-step process in which you bring key stakeholders along with you to develop a common understanding of the case for change and the roadmap to achieving it.

capgemini consulting

Capgemini Advisory Services.

The Intelligent Enterprise. Composable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Post-modern platforms. RISE. Re-imagine it all. All very clever. But what does all this actually mean for your ERP platform? Our Advisory Services Team help you work it out.

Oracle ERP Advisory

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Martin Corr, Supply Chain Process Governance Manager, BAE Systems (Submarines)

By using Capgemini’s 5 stage process BAE Submarines Supply Chain were able to gain buy in from everyone involved in the project. The methodology is logical, easy to understand and work to. It enabled a co-creation of the roadmap between our business and Capgemini…and [we] were able to understand the vision of the team and shape the programme of work…in the next 24 months.

Chris Harrison, Programme Director & Head of Shared Services Transition, ENGIE

The Capgemini advisory team, using its 5-step approach and expertise, helped us firstly to engage the business through interviews, interactive maturity assessment and best practice workshops in multiple locations, and secondly to secure business buy-in to the conclusions, with over 70 business representatives and the UK Exec collaborating in their unique Accelerated Solutions Environment. Together Engie with Capgemini achieved what we wanted – roadmap, scope, a way forward, a benefits case and aligned stakeholders, thereby making the programme feel real and achievable.

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