Operations transformation

Turn complexity into productivity.

Product lifecycles are getting shorter and market demands are changing ever more rapidly. With increased competition across sectors, reducing time to market becomes a critical factor in establishing industry leadership.

To respond, businesses need to reinvent product engineering, manufacturing and physical asset management through digital technology applications. They need to optimise supply chains, manufacturing, procurement and their underlying processes with robotics, AI, lean and deep manufacturing expertise.

Reducing complexity, and relentless pursuit of efficiency are key to the industrial operations that come next.

With our specialised Future of Digital Industrial Operations practice, we help create smarter businesses by reinventing operational assets and optimising processes, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing time to market.

Thought leadership

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Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations

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The industrial future is Smart factories

  • Smart factories to add from $500 billion to $1,500 billion in the next 5 years annually

The impact of smart manufacturing

  • Manufacturers estimate that close to 50% of their products will be smart and connected by 2020, a 35% increase from 2014

The future is really technology

  • Around 50% of manufacturers aim to spend more than 100 million euros in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platforms and digital solutions in the next two years, while the proportion of IT budget earmarked for maintaining legacy systems has dropped significantly, from 76% in 2014 to 55% in 2017

Optimising the supply chain

Digital supply chain transformation

Digital supply chain transformation

Capgemini Invent helps our clients build new operating models.

Our experts

Nathan Summers

Expert in Digital Transformation for Automotives

Paul Haggerty

Expert in Operational Excellence

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