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Generate growth by becoming a Data-driven Experience Brand

Today’s experience economy requires speed and extreme personalisation

The marketing model we’ve become used to has been disrupted as customers demand more—right now.

Increasingly, those organisations using technology to react fast and generate value from data are the winners. They’re delivering the experience their customers want, every day, across multiple touch points. It is the customer experiences they create that reflect their brand positioning—through content that aligns the company’s purpose with the customer experience, in real time.

Managing your brand in real time for a relevant and consistent experience

This real-time marketing implies agility and responsiveness. It uses data to gauge how your customers, citizens, or employees are feeling about your brand—identifying what is and isn’t working. Is your brand consistent, relevant, and aligned with your promise to them?

This essential synchronisation of brand and experience is how you differentiate in a crowded market. Can you afford to get it wrong?

Through the mastery of Brand & Experience combined with Data and Technology, Capgemini Invent is the trusted partner to help you to generate growth by becoming a Data-driven Experience Brand

To generate growth with an engaging and differentiating experience, there are four areas we address and that brands must get right and aligned:


You can start your experience transformation in any area, but the brand remains the lynch pin around which all the other areas operate. That’s because the brand determines the offer, shapes the customer journey, and guides the flow of your operations.

Reinforcing this differentiating experience is data. It sits at the heart of all four areas as you build your reinvigorated brand and experience strategy.

Using data intelligently

We embrace and value data as the lifeblood of any successful brand and experience transformation. We make it the engine of digital transformation, both upstream (R&D, manufacturing and logistics) and downstream (in-store, online and experiences). By activating data across all these areas of your business, you create value and magic for your customers—and for your bottom line.

Customer intelligence and intelligent industry (where the technology is an inherent part of an asset or product) create exciting dimensions for new products and services aligned with your brand purpose. Innovative customer experiences stem from the ability to master data and content through technology.

What makes us different? 

At Capgemini Invent, we recognise that transforming an organisation’s brand and experience requires multiple skill sets. We seamlessly combine the disciplines of strategy, technology, data science and creative design with an inventive mindset as we help our clients to thrive in today’s experience economy. Our people are brand strategists, business consultants, designers, creatives, technologists, and data experts.

We systematically approach experience transformation through its societal impacts, always thinking about responsible outcomes.

We don’t just make strategy, we deliver it too, working in a highly agile and collaborative manner with our clients to translate their brand strategies into complete experiences that scale.

We measure the impact of the experiences we design and commit on tangible business outcomes, such as revenue growth, cost optimisation, Net Promoter Score, and employee satisfaction.

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