Cloud Native comes of age

We spoke to 900 executives about how cloud-native applications are enabling business agility and innovation.

Cloud-native applications, built to excel in the cloud, are driving a transformative shift in digital business.

Our research reveals a world of cloud-native leaders, and cloud-native laggards. Leaders are building more than 20% of their applications in the cloud, driven by the need to improve velocity, collaboration, and customer experience. They are harnessing cloud-native development to adapt to changing markets, and grasp opportunities more quickly than laggards.

The proportion of new enterprise apps that are cloud native will more than double by 2020, but this will bring its own challenges. CIOs and business leaders are often not aligned on IT priorities. Skills shortages and ingrained waterfall culture are major obstacles to continuous delivery, while integrating cloud-native architectures with legacy technology, and concerns about lock-in present other barriers.

We show what cloud-native adoption means for today’s enterprises – and how to achieve cloud-native leadership.


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Cloud Native Comes of Age

Leading organisations are developing cloud-native applications to make themselves more agile, innovative and competitive. New research reveals that cloud-native development is set to more than double by 2020, driving disruption across industries.

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Cloud Choice podcast series

Cloud-native blog series

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