Digital Inclusion

Digital empowerment for an inclusive future

As a global leader in digital, Capgemini’s ambition is to help make the digital revolution an opportunity for all and to provide a bridge between technology and society.

Thierry Delaporte

Thierry Delaporte, COO of Capgemini

As a leader in digital transformation, Capgemini has a key role to play in the way the world progresses and in the way the societies are evolving. Our Digital Inclusion program is a fabulous program where we leverage our passion for technology to help societies address the impact of the digital and automation revolution.”

Architects of Positive Futures

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Our commitment to drive positive change

Lead digital inclusion

  • Expand Capgemini’s social impact through digital
  • Lead a global community on digital inclusion and foster evidence based policies

Reduce the digital divide

  • Provide basic digital skills to disadvantaged populations
  • Open tech jobs to populations at risk of unemployment
  • Create digital opportunities in local disadvantaged areas

Act as Architects of Positive Futures

  • Leverage our expertise for positive impact
  • Encourage all employees to actively engage

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