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New Suppliers

Your sustainability record, actions and capability are important.

Being a sustainable and responsible business is an integral part of who we are and what we do. Our sustainability performance is an important requirement of our clients, who want to know that they are dealing with responsible businesses as part of their supply chain.

Supplier diversity

We encourage supplier diversity and equality. We aim to make sure we give qualified small and minority businesses the opportunity to receive a share of our business. Our ecosystem approach with major clients aims to foster this and level barriers to entry.

Environmental policy

Capgemini’s UK Environment Policy Statement commits us to address, through our procurement processes, the environmental issues associated with production, consumption and disposal. We favour suppliers who can help us to achieve our environmental policy, particularly in relation to reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste. Wherever practical, we procure products derived from sustainable resources.


As a supplier to Capgemini, you will be required to adhere to our mandatory Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement and comply with all national and international laws. You will also be required to ensure that your subcontractors adhere to the mandatory core principles and comply with all national and international laws.

Supplier selection

As a potential supplier to Capgemini UK, in addition to other selection criteria, you will be required to complete our online sustainability assessment so that we understand the potential risks, impacts and opportunities relating to the products and services we buy from you.

A supplier’s record, actions and capability with respect to sustainability are important factors in our selection, tendering and contracting decisions. We assess them using objective and transparent processes, based on questionnaires and, in some cases, dialogues.

We take a supportive approach to suppliers who are implementing improvements to satisfy our sustainability and environmental commitments. In return, we require our suppliers and contractors to work with us in an open and honest way, and to provide full disclosure and support.

We reserve the right, with due notice, not to continue business if a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached with a supplier in areas of risk, if the supplier fails to comply with our requests for information, or if it cannot meet the mandatory Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement within a reasonable timeframe.

Supply chain review

As part of our supply chain contract review activities, we conduct periodic surveys, audits and reviews of our suppliers against our requirements. We expect your company to support us in these exercises at no charge to Capgemini. We will ask you to provide us with reasonable access to all relevant information, and potentially access to your premises, so that we can assess your performance, and that of your subcontractors.

Terms and conditions

In addition to any separate contract for large or critical activities, you will be expected to accept the Conditions of Order . These apply to every purchase order.