Digital skills are vital to how we live and work. They are needed to access public services, open opportunities for employment and drive economic growth for the UK. They also have the potential to unlock the innovation needed to bring solutions for today’s greatest challenges.

As a global leader in digital transformation we are committed to using our skills to help societies address the impact of the digital revolution and harness the opportunity it brings.

Our ‘People Matter’ philosophy underpins everything we do, which is why we empower our own teams to take action and ‘Get Involved’ in our digital skills programmes through skills-based volunteering and fundraising. We also support causes that matter to our people encouraging them to use their skills, time and expertise to achieve social impact.

Digital Skills through our education and community partnerships


We work through our education and school’s outreach programme to inspire young people to consider the opportunities the digital revolution brings. We aim to increase the uptake of STEM subjects and build the digital skills young people need to find, apply and prepare for work in the digital economy. We focus on social mobility cold spots and young females.

For the past five years, we have had a vibrant school outreach programme at Capgemini.
5,200 students across over 50 schools reached through our schools and education partnerships in 2017



We help prepare people for work, supporting young people transitioning to work and unemployed or displaced people looking to find work by helping them build digital skills and ensuring their skills remain relevant. We aim to foster and grow those with the aptitude to work in the technology industry.

This commitment is part of wider business approach to inclusive recruitment and diversity, including our Apprenticeship programme, the training and development of our own people and the work we do with clients to provide solutions for reskilling to support their employees.

We launched the Digital Partnership with the Prince’s Trust in 2015 to provide a foundation in digital skills and support a transition to employment.

80% of participants in our ‘Get Started’ programme achieved positive outcomes (employment, education or further training)



We will foster a culture of innovation and use our expertise to help individuals and organisations accelerate the technologies that will help develop digital skills.

At the end of last year, a team of Capgemini employees began work on a project called Change the Future, looking at technologies, solutions, strategies, and implementation plans around how they could bring education to the displaced children in an Athenian refugee camps. They collaborated with Rumie, a non-profit organisation that has created a platform for underserved communities around the world enabling them to get access to free digital education. The next phase of the project focuses on reaching out to more children; by working with ArmandoAid charity to refine and rebuild the resource library. as well as providing much needed IT equipment.

We extend our reach and impact by working collaboratively with partners such as The Prince’s Trust, Code Your FutureApps for Good and the Lego League to deliver our programme. We advocate for the development of skills for the future through our relationships with our clients and partners, convening leaders to work together to find solutions for building digital skills.



‘Get Involved’ at an individual, local and national level

We encourage and empower all our people to ‘Get Involved’ through skills-based volunteering and fundraising to support our focus on Digital Skills. We also support causes that matter to our people who draw on their skills, expertise and time to make a difference. We aim to maximise the engagement and social impact of our community initiatives, as well as create a rewarding employee experience.

Supporting the causes that matter most to our people

Since 2010 we have supported causes that matter to our people through our Community Spirit Awards and Grants. The Awards provide funding for projects actively supported by our people and our Grants provide funding for employees to help kick-start fundraising or engagement activity. Last year we supported over 40 projects in this way, reflecting the passions and interests of our people. We also support employee or office-led fundraising and volunteering initiatives.

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