Our approach

Our ambition is to be recognised as a leading responsible and sustainable company, using our expertise for positive impact. Our suppliers as an integral part of our value network and central to meeting our ambition. As such we are committed to ensuring that we are working with suppliers and partners who share our approach to responsible and sustainable business practices.

We assess 100% of our live suppliers to check that they uphold our own ethical principles, as well as meeting the standards set by our clients. We have a purchase order mandatory policy and a central Global Purchasing System which gives us a very precise view of our suppliers.

Since 2007, our 12 Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement have been a contractual requirement of our suppliers and their supply chains. The principles have now been included  in  our ‘Supplier Standards of Conduct’ as part of the contractual terms which apply to all our suppliers. The standards of conduct contain our principles with regards to compliance with international, national and local law, human rights, labour rights and modern-day slavery. It also outlines the obligation of our suppliers to conduct their business with the highest standards of integrity, avoiding all forms of corruption, bribery, extortion or embezzlement, and unfair business practices.

We assess 100% of our live supplier using our bespoke online platform, which profiles the environmental, economic and social risks and impacts of our suppliers’ operations, products and services. To ensure the accuracy of suppliers’ responses, we conduct audits on our suppliers, either through desk-based research or through on-site audits. The result of the online assessment and audits are fed into our supplier identification and selection process, with any prospective supplier and their products and services heavily scrutinised before they are included in any selection activity.

By forming close and collaborative partnerships with our suppliers, we aim to provide practical support and advice to help resolve any risks or issues identified through the assessment process. In addition, we run targeted campaigns to improve the performance of suppliers against key areas of importance for our business. Where suppliers fail to address identified issues within a reasonable time period, we reserve the right to cease trading with that supplier.

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Our sustainability compliance programme is part of our wider commitment to become ‘Architects of Positive Futures’. Our ambition is to be recognised as a leading responsible and sustainable company, using our expertise for positive impact.


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