Working with Suppliers & Business Partners

We work with our suppliers and business partners to establish sound and sustainable procurement procedures, and take steps to ensure our suppliers and business partners adhere to the same principles as we do.

Implications of our procurement policies and practices for suppliers

We aim to ensure that our external expenditure complies with all applicable legislation, the UN Global Compact and our own policies, and that it delivers cost-effective, high-quality service to our clients on a sustainable and ethical basis.


Our procurement processes address the environmental issues associated with production, consumption and disposal. We favour suppliers who can demonstrate environmentally sound business practices. Wherever practical, we procure products derived from sustainable resources.


Capgemini UK has assessed its entire supplier base against our Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement. More than 95% of suppliers were found to meet our sustainability criteria; we no longer do business with the remaining 5%. Every new supplier is assessed for sustainability via an online survey.


Trading in an ethical and socially aware way is essential for Capgemini and our clients in the 21st century. Our ethical principles have been incorporated in all of our contracts, purchase orders, terms and conditions of purchase, RFI, RFP and supplier selection and performance procedures for some time now, and remain a prerequisite for doing business with Capgemini.


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New suppliers

Our clients want to know that they are dealing with responsible businesses. A supplier’s record, actions and capability with respect to sustainability are important to our selection, tendering and contracting decisions.

Working with Capgemini

We conduct our relationships with suppliers on a fair and ethical basis, and expect them to comply with our Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement.


We aim to ensure that suppliers are paid promptly. They can help us to do so by following the right procedures.

Raising concerns

Use this procedure to report any concerns with regard to possible malpractice, wrongdoings or breaches of laws or regulations.

Supplier diversity

Start making steps towards becoming a supplier to Capgemini. Register your interest in being included within our ecosystem.

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